Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

Yasser Life Guard

A family trip to Cox’s Bazar usually means a holiday in the world’s longest sea beach for recreation and fun. However for the family of M. Shahabuddin (a senior Duncan executive) such a trip to Cox's Bazar ended in a disaster when his only son Yasser accidentally drowned whilst swimming with other members of the family. His body was found two days later washed out to sea.

The sea beach at Cox’s Bazar has claimed many lives, some like Yasser’s over the years. In view of this the Group thought it would be appropriate to install a life guard facility on the beach to help save lives in danger.

Three ex-Navy divers were recruited and Yasser Life Guard (YLG) was inaugurated on October 23, 1996, the first anniversary of Yasser’s death, on land initially provided by the district administration. The impressive structure with a watch tower is located near Laboni Point on the beach. The watch tower has two powerful loudspeakers on the rooftop to warn the people of the dangers of the tide. The guards also patrol the beach with bull horns educating the tourists on safety. This rescue service for tourists is the first of its kind in the country.

YLG facilities have been augmented in the last 15 years. It presently operates with a speed boat and seven experienced rescuers called by the local people ‘The Duncan Red Army’ for their red attire. YLG has, since its inception saved 742 lives from drowning in addition to the thousands saved by the warning system it operates.