Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited


Duncan Brothers practices green conservation and promotes protection and proper usage of energy and water ensuring environmental conservation and geo-diversity related issues throughout its all operating sectors . The company has long had clear vision and instituted measures to obtain optimum advantage but minimum degradation or effect on environment. The Group's aim has always been to raise awareness and establish the best practice to ensure an eco-friendly and  energy-efficient production and manufacturing business.


With water human survival and tea are synonymous, adequate arrangement of drinking water supply and other usage are ensured through piped water, hand tube wells and regular wells. At some places, water is collected from natural streams and purified before use. In the fields where supplied water is not available, water is disinfected with water purification medicine. Rain water  and underground water is primarily used for cultivation.


Emphasis is given by undertaking afforestration programmes, storing rain water in the existing lakes and ponds and extensions through excavation programmes within the tea sections showing good results. Storage of rain water for drinking purposes in the households has been undertaken reducing pressure on underground water. But this effort is yet to be popularised. Awareness programmes are conducted among garden residents to avoid wastage and understand the importance of conservation of natural resources.


To optimise energy use, energy efficient technologies in tea production have been introduced. Energy saving bulbs are used in all factories and other accommodation. Energy efficient cooking stoves for domestic use have cut down wastage on firewood significantly and thus it is hoped that health hazards and carbon emission are properly checked.


The Group has always been concious about the improvement and retention of the soil condition so that continuous application of fertiliser, insecticide, pesticide, etc. do not create imbalance in natural ecology. To conserve the geo-diversity certain lands are used for Rubber, Afforestation and other Soil-enrichment programmes.