Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

About Duncan

Duncan Brothers commenced 150 years ago when the two Duncan brothers, Walter and William arrived from Glasgow in 1859 to set up business in Calcutta. Tea was then beginning to become a lucrative business and their focus naturally shifted to tea which in course of time became their main line of business.

Many major events including changes of partnership, ownership and mergers have taken place in the one and a half century of Duncan Brothers existence prior to the company becoming part of the Lawrie Group Plc., and finally part of Camellia Plc. ‘Two Leaves and a Bud’ were Duncan Brothers core business until 1985 when the company decided to diversify by setting up United Insurance and United Leasing followed by a series of new ventures which gradually turning company into a group of varied business interests.

Duncan Brothers is now a major group in Bangladesh with a diverse portfolio employing approximately 18,500 people throughout its organisations.