Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

Duncan Brothers is a Camellia Plc group company, which in addition to Bangladesh has investments in the UK, India, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Switzerland, the US, the Netherlands and Bermuda. The investments are diversified, however agriculture and horticulture is Camellia’s core business. Camellia produces nearly 80 million kgs of tea which makes it one of the world's largest and the most geographically diversified producers of tea in the private sector.

"Camellia sinensis", the tea plant, is of major commercial importance as tea is made from its leaves. It is an exquisite name, for a remarkable gift of nature, both in terms of aesthetic beauty and the multiple benefits derived from the bush. The name in essence also reflects the Group’s philosophy and objectives where humane considerations are equally important as its business. This is what makes the Group unique with a long history of 150 years in the subcontinent. The primary and overall strategic direction of the Group has always been to be an asset based agricultural company with a focus on the long term.